x-country is back

Group of women from different clubs in cross-country race in snowy field

Great news, Cross Country (XC) is back for a new season. 

As with previous years, gender segregation is very important with XC. This means we have both a men's and women's team that run across various locations in Surrey. Races are always on a Saturday afternoon (between 2–4pm) and we need as many runners as possible to ensure we solidify our mid-table positions. 

For all you non-competitive people who just like running in the countryside/in fields, competitiveness is not the most important element of XC – in the men's league there are a few people who almost certainly above the age of 75 and we are in Div. 4, the lowest (but most fun) league. The women's team are in Div 2.


Ben (Men's cross-country team captain)