Club Rides – Useful info

Image of group of Windrush members out on a ride

Howdy Club Members,

As ride captains we are trying to get more people riding their bikes, not just for races but also to enjoy riding and training together with this lovely club! A lot of riding is already happening most Sundays, however, it can be a bit hit and miss to find the right training buddy, hesitation to post a ride on the forum or joining one.

To get a bit consistency into what is on offer for Sunday riding we will be setting up a few club rides where people can just RSVP, but we do encourage you all to post your rides on the forum.

When you are posting a ride, it would be great if you could use the following classification and content, so your fellow club members know what you are up to!

Ride classification

Rides where nobody gets dropped:

  • Easy rider  – a beginner or getting back into the saddle ride, slow pace, building confidence on the road, fitness and group riding skills. Typically to Richmond or Paragon 60 loop (40–60 km).
  • Club classic – social ride at relatively easy pace, including cake stop, 60–90km, depending on weather and difficulty.
  • Explorer – going the distance, +100km, requires more food, water and stamina to ride for 4 / 6 / 8 hours depending on the pace. 

Rides where you will need to follow the pace or you may get dropped:

  • TT friendly – longer, flatter course, perfect to try your TT bike / bars.
  • Race ready – harder pace and intervals, expects a certain level of fitness, pace awareness and group riding skills. These will be rides with a stronger training focus, the poster will detail the purpose and the speed of the ride.

Content: To make sure the members who are  joining a ride you will know what you are up to, please add the following details:

  • A rough indication where you a heading.
  • Distance, average speed and elevation gain expected.
  • Start and finish point and time.

And last but not least, if you are joining a ride, please remember the basics:

  • Be on time
  • Fitness and pace awareness (for the longer/faster rides)
  • Spares, petty cash, water, fodder

If you would like to promote a special ride in the event section for RSVP, please get in touch.

For any question please ask!


Gesine & Fran (Bike captains)