Training Plans


As a club we offer a weekly training plan for our members to help them know what to do and at what time of the year. These are perfect for those looking for more structure and workouts to do in addition to the club's sessions.

We currently have two options based on the most popular triathlon race distances: Standard (Olympic) and Middle (70.3) with options for newbies or experienced athletes and for those who short of time but looking to maximise their training.



How does it work:

You will receive a weekly training plan based on the standard periodisation model which is widely used across the sport. This, combined with regular structured training for your distance should help you get fitter and stronger and working in the right direction towards your goals.

The training will all be based on feel and/or intensity so you can work as hard as you can (or want!) and within your ability (so if you have all the tech to record your workouts that’s great - but if you don’t it won’t affect your training).

What do you get:

  • A weekly training plan overseen by a fully qualified BTF Level 3 Coach for your selected distance

  • Access to your training plan via TrainingPeaks

  • Weekly coach support via email

  • Monthly coaching tips and advice

  • Team support from other members signed up to the same distance via Facebook


Why it will benefit you:

It’s hard to know what type of training to do when and these plans will you give a clear structure with progression to train.

You will learn to train smarter and more effectively (such as fitting it in around work, family and social commitments!).

It fits in with Windrush training so you can be super flexible on how you do your training.

Is it for me?

I want to a training plan

I want to get fitter, stronger and faster

I want to improve my technique

I would like to race in the summer

I want coach advice along the way

I want #windrushfamily support!



How much does it cost:

It costs £30 per 4 weeks and you can pay for just 1 month at a time or more if you prefer.

How do you sign up:

Three simple easy steps…

  1. Sign up via the club shop here

  2. You will then receive an email from your support coach and to sign up to your plan via TrainingPeaks

  3. The plan will start from the following Monday (after you have signed up) so you can start training straight away!

Happy training!!


  • I haven't planned a race yet, can I still sign up to the training plan?
    Yes - your goal may just to get better at triathlon, fitter for your next beach holiday or just to train smarter (and you never know you may end up signing up for a race along the way…)

  • Can I start at any time?
    Yes - but it is best to start as early as possible. The training plan will focus on developing you throughout the year and it is important to have an effective base training before the racing season. However it fully depends on what you want to achieve - short or long term. The plans are designed for helping you to achieve long term goals (racing in the summer) and short term fitness.

  • Can I swap plans at any point?
    Yes - if you decide to change your focus distance or find you have less time - just let the coach know and discuss which might be the right plan for you.

  • What if I am doing multiple distances this season?
    It is best to decide which distance what is your A goal (primary goal) and opt for the plan that matches. You can then discuss with your coach about your other goals and how to fit them in.

  • I am doing a full distance race (Ironman) - can I sign up?
    Yes - you can choose the Middle distance training plan but it won't be fully effective on it's own so supplementary training will be required - discuss with the coach to work out what's needed.

  • Will you launch other distance training plans?
    Yes - watch this space!

  • I don’t like running but want to get structured bike and swim sessions can I still sign up?
    Yes - you can do as much or as little of the training plan you like!

  • Other questions?
    Email or come along to one of our training plan intro sessions (dates will be posted on the forum).