Our Cycling Captains Gesine and Jack represent members on all things bike. To get in touch, speak to them at training or contact them via



Hi, I’m Gesine, one of the two bike captains, triathlete, cat owner and also doing a day job. My passion for cycling has always been one to get around independently from A to B, and only recently I have joined the ‘lycra brigade’ with padded shorts and clipless pedals. I love cycling for its shear variety of exploring, socialising, having some mental space on your own, beasting it out on a hill, or simply getting away from London and enjoying the countryside. And the ability to eat cake. Lots.

– Gesine Junker, Bike Captain


I entered my first Triathlon in 2016 as an excuse to stop playing Cricket during the Summer months and the training that ensued went very quickly from hobby to obsession. Cycling in particular has peaked my interest to the extent that I can now think of few things better than slogging it up some Kent / Surrey hills on weekend mornings with clubmates. I joined Windrush last year to try and build some form of structure around my training and solve the loneliness / boredom issue that can often arise when training for endurance events, needless to say this has been solved. The club is extremely welcoming, regardless of ability, aims or experience, and I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about joining the club or about cycling / triathlons in general…Strengths include survey monkey, going downhill and drafting. Weaknesses include wiggle, coffee and needing the bathroom during races. Info on upcoming rides can be found within the forum or on the Cycling Whatsapp page. See you there!

– Jack Thomas, Bike Captain

As bike captains, our goal is to help and facilitate what you want to get out of your riding. This includes building confidence on the bike, introduction to the range of what cycling has to offer, organise social riding and promote events, including racing. If in doubt about what is going on or if you have ideas on your own you would like to promote, it’s easy: just get in touch