Frequently Asked Questions

How do you sign up?

  1. To sign up please pay here

  2. The course will cost £20

  3. The deadline to sign up by is midnight on the 30th May as the course starts on the 1/6/19

  4. There are only 16 spots (first-come-first-served basis) so don’t delay!

  5. If you miss the deadline but are still keen please drop us an email as we’ll try to fill any empty spaces if we have them

  6. If the course is already full when you go to sign up please drop us an email and we will add you to a waiting list

  7. Unfortunately we won’t be able to offer refunds once the programme has started

Who can sign up?

  1. This course is specifically for adults (18+)

  2. If you are under 18 you can join the juniors section of our club Windrush Juniors

  3. Unfortunately due to the size of the programme we are not able to offer female only sessions at the moment (if this is something you are interested in please email us)

  4. If you are interested in joining the programme and have a disability that would need to be taken into account, please email us to discuss how we can make sure the course is accessible for you

How does it work and how fit do you need to be?

  1. You don’t have to attend every session but we encourage you to attend as many sessions as you can

  2. If you are away for a week you can still take part but if you are away for more than one week then we might recommend you sign up to the next course

  3. There isn’t a minimum level of fitness as this course is for people who are new to multi-sports!

  4. There also isn’t a maximum level of fitness as this course is for people who are new to multi-sports so if you’re experienced with other sports feel free to join

  5. Don’t worry if you can’t swim all sessions will be run by a qualified coach and there will be qualified lifeguards at the pool – but we do ask that you are happy to be in the deep end of a swimming pool (i.e. not being able to stand on the bottom of the pool)

  6. Also don’t worry if you can’t run as our coaches will be there to work with you whatever your ability

Where are the locations of the sessions?

  1. All the sessions will take place in and around Brixton

  2. The swim sessions will be at the Brixton Rec

  3. The running and circuit sessions will in Brockwell Park

  4. Meeting points and further details will emailed once you have signed up!

What kit and equipment is needed?

  1. For running and circuits you just need a pair of trainers and clothes suitable for exercising in and that you feel comfortable in

  2. For swimming you will need a swimsuit (costumes, tankinis, burkinis, fitted swimming t-shirts and leggings are permitted), a pair of goggles is advisable and a swimming hat if you have long hair

  3. When swimming your hair will get wet, a swim cap can help to keep the hat dry and there are a range of different sizes to fit different head sizes and hair types

Why is this programme happening?

  1. Windrush Triathlon Club has been going for a number of years and have an increasing and diverse membership, however we’re really aware that, compared to the local population, the club is under representative of both women and people from Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic communities. As a club we’ve set ourselves the objective (with the backing of the National Triathlon Body) of changing the current imbalance in our membership.

  2. The goal challenge of the programme is to take part in the Windrush Aquathlon which is a fun event held on the 30th June 2019 in Brockwell Park. The course entry fee includes the event which will be the focus for the training – find out more here.

  3. The Aquathon is a great event to take part in at the end of the programme as it provides you with a goal to focus on and it will be an opportunity to meet lots more like minded people. However we appreciate that not everyone will want to take part/be available to do so therefore you are more than welcome to take part in the programme and not participate in the Aquathon.

  4. If you would like to join Windrush Triathlon Club at the end of the programme and hope that you will have had a positive experience and want to join however it is not compulsory to join.

BAME statement

  • This programme is designed to encourage and support people from ethnic minority backgrounds in the Brixton area to take part in running, swimming and cycling, or any combination of the three sports, and participate in a community sports event, the Windrush Aquathlon.