Windrush Triathlon Club is a super friendly club who love the three sports of triathlon: swimming, cycling and running



Our club name

Our name takes pride in the history of the local area of South East London where our club first formed – Windrush Square in Brixton. The square is named in honour of the Windrush Generation, who moved from the Caribbean to the UK following the Second World War - a tribute to the community that has been instrumental in developing the identity of South London.  

The word Windrush was again propelled into the nation's consciousness in 2018 when the wrongful deportations and widespread mistreatment of British Caribbean people by the UK government was brought to light.  

As a sports club in this incredibly diverse area of South London, we want to make triathlon as inclusive and accessible as possible. Our club name celebrates the diverse roots of Brixton and South London as a whole, our doors are open to members of all communities who might be interested in giving running, cycling or swimming a bash.  

We know our club membership is not as diverse as it could be, and actively address this by hoping to provide an introduction to triathlon for people who may otherwise not consider it. In particular we welcome anyone who identifies as Black, Asian, and/or from a minority ethnic background.

Getting involved  

Did you know – you don’t have to be capable in all three sports to be part of a triathlon club?
Running, cycling, and swimming can be for anyone, as part of a triathlon or on their own.

Some of our members choose to only dip into one or two sports, rather than all three.
You could run and cycle.
Or swim and run.
Or take part in just one sport and enjoy getting fit with a group of friendly locals.
Who also love cake…!