Our Swim Captain Simon, represents members on all things swim. To get in touch, speak to Simon at training or contact him via info@windrushtri.co.uk


 © Lisa Bretherick

© Lisa Bretherick


I have always swum but it wasn't until my mid-20s that I switched from the pool to swimming to open water endurance events. I have now competed around the world and this year completed my 6th marathon. I'm constantly on the look out for new events to enter and encouraging other club members to take the plunge in longer swims.  

I'm a bit different to most members of Windrush in that I don't own a bike, and I rarely run, instead I save my energy for swimming 3 to 5 times a week. More and more people are joining Windrush to swim and we have a great community of swimmers who enjoy both pool and outdoor swimming, in all seasons. The highlight has to be the Saturday morning Lido swim, followed by cafe and coffee at the Lido Cafe. 


 Large group of people in wetsuits by the side of a lake about to start the Sussex triathlon


The best thing about Windrush swimming is that it doesn't matter what standard you are, the coaches will ensure you improve, in a relaxed atmosphere. If you can only swim a length or are an experienced 10km marathon swimmer, you'll find  a session and a group of swimmers for you at this club.


 Top image: two women wearing swimming costumes and swim hats standing in Brockwell lido pool. Bottom image: Large mixed group of Windrush members sitting around a table at the lido cafe enjoying brunch


Simon Markall

Swim Captain