Frequently asked questions

Think you might like to get into Triathlon but not quite sure what it's about? You're not alone! Have a look below to some of the common questions we get asked. If you've got a question of your own, drop us a line on



Can I do a taster session before I join the club?

Yes. If you’d like to try out one of our training sessions before committing to join the club you can do this free of charge. Take a look at our weekly training schedule and decide which session you’d like to attend.

How do I book a taster session?

We use an events management system for all of our training sessions called MyClubhouse.  You’ll need to create an account with MyClubhouse to book your taster session – it’s a very simple process:

Go the MyClubhouse and click on Register for Membership

  • Step 1: Login Details – Create a username and password.

  • Step 2: Personal Details – Fill in your personal details.

  • Step 3: Membership – Select "Adult – Free Trial Membership – 2 weeks" from Membership category dropdown menu. (Note if you are a student select Student – Free Trial Membership – 2 weeks).

  • Step 4: Parental Consent – This step is relevant only if you are registering your child.

  • Step 5: Member Registration, Btf Health Record & Ice – Fill in your emergency contact details and a few questions regarding your background and triathlon experience.

  • Registration is now complete and your account has been set up.

Select which session you would like to attend as a taster

  • Upon registration you are awarded 7 training tokens (You’ll notice a “7” in the top right hand corner of your screen). Use the tokens to book your free taster session.

  • Go to Events to see the full listing of the week’s upcoming training sessions. Clicking into any specific item will give you an overview of the session including the day, time, location, the maximum number of participants who may attend and the token cost. To book your place on the session click Sign Up.

  • You will now receive an email confirming your booking. The coach at the session will also have a record of this so will know to expect you.

Come to the session

When you arrive at the session tell the person at reception that you are with Windrush and they will direct you to where the pool/studio etc. is. The Windrush coach will usually be wearing a black Windrush t-shirt so they should be easy to spot.

I've done a taster session and now want to join Windrush, how do I become a full member?

After completing the taster session you can very easily upgrade your membership through MyClubhouse. Go to 'My Subscriptions' in your profile, click 'Upgrade Subscription', select 'Annual Membership'. Then go to the shopping basket and pay for the membership fee.

If your trial membership has expired, the process is slightly different. As above goto 'My Subscriptions' but instead click 'View', select 'Action' > 'Upgrade Subscription', select 'Annual Membership'. Then the item will be added to your shopping basket so you can pay.

How much does membership and the training sessions cost?

The annual membership fees are: £30 = Adults, £15 = Students, £5=Juniors. This is paid annually (usually in January) and valid until the end of the calendar year.  From Sept 1, there is 50% off adult membership (£15 until the end of 2018).

Adult and student members can access our full training schedule at cost of £5 per session (5 training tokens). All of our training sessions are booked through MyClubhouse

Junior sessions are sold in term blocks. The only session which is pay-as-you-go are the weekly velodrome sessions which operate with a weekly payment to the velodrome directly. 

I've paid my annual membership, how do I get my membership card?

Membership cards can be collected at a number of different training sessions – current list of sessions here. If you have any problems please contact the Membership Secretary (contact

Why do I need to bring my membership card to training?

There are a number of reasons why it's advisable to bring your card to training:

  • In the case of an accident at a session, the coach has quick access to your emergency contact details (written on the reverse of your card)

  • Having a physical card makes it quicker and easier for venue staff at our training sessions to identify Windrush members and grant them access

Having a physical card also reminds our members of the 10% discounts they can avail of at some local businesses e.g: Intersport, Balfes, WestNorwood Therapies and Ocean Leisure. Find out more about membership benefits

How do I book my place on a training session?

All of our training sessions and events are booked through MyClubhouse. Full details on how to book sessions can be found here.


What is the Windrush Forum?

The Windrush forum is our online social platform where members can chat about their training, organise socials, plan Sunday bike rides and discuss all other manner of triathlon related things. Each new member creates their own profile page and is encouraged to join in the conversation threads – it’s a great way to get to know everyone and is the lifeblood of our club.

What’s the difference between making a profile on the forum and joining as a member?

Anyone is free to make a profile on the Windrush forum and all posts are public. This is to allow new potential members to see what’s going on (via the threads). However, creating a profile on the forum doesn’t mean you are a member of the club and non-members are unable to attend training sessions.

If you wish to train with Windrush you will need to first become a member by paying your annual membership fee. Full details on how to join can be found here.

What are the Windrush WhatsApp groups and how do I join?

As members of the Windrush family we know how important it is to feel supported and part of our family and we feel one of the ways we can help achieve this is by utilising the free instant messaging platform ‘WhatsApp’.

There are groups for general triathlon and race chat and the three disciplines to help divide the discussions and you can join them by heading here.

The groups are called:

  • Windrush x Triathlon

  • Windrush x Swimming

  • Windrush x Cycling

  • Windrush x Running

Further details regarding the groups can be found here.

I’m a beginner, is the club for me?

Yes! We’re a friendly club and cater to a mix of abilities – so if you’re new to triathlon, simply go at a pace you are comfortable with. For most swim sessions there are usually two ability groups (fast lane and improvers lane) so those who are less experienced can build their fitness and technique whilst the faster swimmers can work on their endurance. We run introduction to velodrome sessions on a regular basis and there are often beginner focussed rides (around Richmond park) on Sundays which are member organised and posted on the forum or in our WhatsApp groups.

I’m good on the bike and at running but can’t swim properly, is triathlon for me?

Often there is one discipline which we are less competent – do not let this put you off! Many of our members had little or no swimming or cycling or running experience before joining. We cultivate a supportive atmosphere where members can build their confidence and their fitness in a supportive and fun environment. Take a look at the training section to find out more about our sessions and approach.

I don't run or cycle but really love swimming, can I still join Windrush?

Yes! Not everyone loves all three disciplines and some of our members only wish to participate in one or two of the sports – that's absolutely fine, it's not compulsory to do all three. 

I’m training for an Ironman – is Windrush for me?

Yes. Windrush is also suitable for more experienced athletes who are working towards long distance events.

I have a physical limitation – can I join Windrush?

We are an open and inclusive club and try our best to accommodate everyone. If you are interested in the club and and have a physical limitation or other issue that would need to be taken into account, please contact our Head Coach via to discuss.

Can my son/daughter join Windrush juniors?

Windrush Juniors is open to kids aged 8–15 and a full year’s membership is just £5. For information email

Got another question?

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